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The Black Pig offers European-inspired New American cuisine in Cleveland’s premier neighbourhood for dining and nightlife, Ohio City. Our regular menu changes and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients reflect Chef Michael Nowak’s 15 years of experience and classic training, allowing for flexibility and creativity. Our full bar specializes in hand-crafted house cocktails, as well as your favourite classics, alongside an extensive wine selection and the finest craft beers available.


The Black Pig is happy to offer two private dining rooms available for brunch, lunch, and dinner events. We can provide a variety of menu options including appetizers, coursed meals, and desserts— flexible and always seasonal, with the ability to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

To best serve our private diners alongside our normal reservations, all parties of 15+ guests are required to have a limited menu and are presented with one check, able to be split up to 5 ways. Parties exceeding the capacity numbers listed for our private dining rooms can be accommodated in the form of a restaurant buyout with the appropriate advance notice.

To find out more information and start planning your party, click the button below to fill out our private dining inquiry form. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Please note that the completion of this form is in no way a binding contract and does not guarantee a reservation.

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