How Much Does Kroger Pay?

Understanding the compensation and benefits package is crucial when considering a job opportunity. Kroger, one of the largest grocery retailers in the United States, employs over 450,000 workers across different roles. If you’re curious about Kroger’s pay structure or evaluating a job offer, this article will provide insights into Kroger hourly wages, salaries, and factors affecting employee compensation.

Average Hourly Rate for The Kroger Company Employees

Kroger pay rates can vary considerably depending on the job position, level of experience, employment status (full-time vs part-time), and geographic location.

According to available data, the average hourly wage at Kroger ranges from around $12 per hour for entry-level roles like cashiers and baggers to over $30 per hour for skilled positions like pharmacists.

The overall average hourly pay for Kroger employees is approximately $13.66 per hour.

However, some of the highest-paying roles at Kroger, such as co-managers and staff pharmacists, can earn over $100,000 per year in certain locations.

Kroger also offers benefits like health insurance and retirement plans as part of its overall compensation package.

Average Pay Rates at Kroger

Kroger hourly wage varies widely depending on the position. For entry-level roles like cashier or bagger, the kroger starting pay typically ranges from $9 to $12 per hour. More skilled trades positions, such as those in the bakery or meat departments, may see hourly rates between $13 and $18.

Management roles, including department managers, often earn between $20 and $25 per hour. Overall, the kroger average hourly pay across all positions is approximately $15 per hour. These figures are based on available data and can vary by location and market conditions.

Factors Influencing Pay at Kroger

Several factors affect kroger employee compensation:

  • Experience and qualifications: More experienced workers or those with specialized skills tend to earn higher wages.
  • Job type and responsibilities: Different roles come with varying levels of responsibility and pay. For instance, a kroger cashier pay is generally lower than that of a department manager.
  • Full-time vs. part-time status: Kroger full-time vs part-time pay can differ significantly, with full-time employees often receiving higher hourly rates and benefits.
  • Location and cost of living: Kroger’s cost of living adjustment (COLA) means wages can vary depending on the store’s location to align with local living costs.

Top-Paying Jobs at Kroger in 2024

The best-paying positions at Kroger are usually in management and specialized roles. For instance, pharmacy managers and pharmacists often earn some of the highest wages, with average annual salaries ranging from $80,000 to $120,000. Kroger salary expectations by experience indicate that regional managers and other high-level executives also command significant pay, often exceeding $100,000 annually. These positions can vary by state, reflecting local market demands and cost of living. Here is a detailed breakdown:

  • Co-Manager (avg. salary: $74,574) – Oversees the daily operations and management of a Kroger grocery store location, working alongside the store manager. Key responsibilities include staff scheduling, budgeting, hiring, and ensuring smooth store operations.
  • Store Manager (avg. salary: $44,884) – Runs and manages all aspects of a Kroger store. This includes overseeing staff performance, meeting sales goals and targets, managing inventory, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Pharmacy Manager (avg. salary: $119,000) – Supervises and leads the pharmacy department within a Kroger store. Duties involve ensuring accurate medication dispensing, managing pharmacy staff, controlling inventory levels, and providing excellent customer service.
  • Order Selector (avg. salary: $39,366) – Responsible for retrieving and selecting products from the warehouse to fulfill customer orders at Kroger stores. This role requires strong skills in inventory management, attention to detail, and the ability to work efficiently.
  • Administrative Assistant (avg. salary: $34,898) – Provides administrative support to Kroger store managers and staff. Tasks may include appointment scheduling, filing paperwork, answering phones, and assisting with other clerical duties.
  • Assistant Manager (avg. salary: $34,043) – Assists the Kroger store manager in overseeing daily store operations. Responsibilities can include supervising cashiers, restocking shelves, assisting customers, and ensuring a positive shopping experience.
  • Pharmacy Technician (avg. salary: $33,600) – Supports pharmacists in duties like dispensing medications, providing customer service, measuring and labeling prescriptions, and managing inventory.
  • Meat Cutter (avg. salary: $33,197) – Specialized in cutting, preparing, and packaging meat products for sale in the Kroger meat department. Also responsible for maintaining a clean and organized meat section.
  • Baker (avg. salary: $32,939) – Bakes and prepares fresh breads, pastries, and other baked goods for sale in the Kroger bakery department. May also be involved in cake decorating.
  • Cake Decorator (avg. salary: $32,540) – Creates and decorates cakes and other baked goods to customer specifications for the Kroger bakery. Strong artistic and decorating skills are required.

Benefits and Compensation Packages

Beyond hourly wages, Kroger benefits package includes a variety of perks. Employees often receive health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Additionally, Kroger competitive pay may include bonuses and discounts on store products. Considering the overall compensation package is crucial, as these benefits add significant value beyond the base salary.

Staying Up-to-Date with Kroger’s Pay Rates

For the most current pay information, it’s recommended to check Kroger’s official website or directly contact the company. Pay rates and compensation policies can change due to company policies and market conditions, so staying informed is essential. Regularly reviewing kroger job openings and company announcements can help employees and applicants stay aware of any changes in kroger wages.

By understanding these aspects of Kroger employee pay, individuals can better navigate their career opportunities and make informed decisions about their employment at Kroger.

FAQs on Kroger Salary

Do Kroger employees get paid overtime?

Yes, Kroger employees typically get overtime pay for hours worked over a set limit.

What factors influence Kroger’s payment structure?

Kroger’s pay depends on your location, experience, and job title.

What’s the starting wage at Kroger?

Starting wage at Kroger can vary by location but is generally around $10-$15 per hour.

What is the average hourly wage at Kroger?

The average hourly rate at Kroger is around $13.69.

How does Kroger’s pay compare to other grocery store chains?

Kroger’s pay can be competitive with other grocery store chains, but it depends on the specific position and location.

What benefits do Kroger employees receive?

Kroger employees may receive benefits like health insurance, discounts, and retirement plans.


In summary, Kroger’s pay structure encompasses a wide range of hourly wages and salaries, influenced by factors such as job type, responsibilities, experience, employment status, and geographic location. Entry-level roles like cashiers receive lower kroger starting pay around $12 per hour, while skilled positions like pharmacists and management roles offer competitive kroger salaries, with top-paying jobs like co-managers earning over $100,000 annually in some states.

When evaluating Kroger’s compensation, it’s crucial to consider the total package, including the kroger benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Prospective employees should research Kroger’s competitive pay offerings, cost of living adjustments, and pay rates by position using official sources like the company’s careers website. Gathering comprehensive information from multiple sources ensures an informed decision about whether Kroger’s overall employee compensation aligns with one’s expectations and the local job market.

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